of KRENDL insulation machines

The factors for the proper use and maintenance of carding machines – in detail:
– The good condition of the carding PIPE, entirely responsible for the carding of the insulating fiber:
1) Minimum length of 45 meters for good carding in all humidity conditions.
2) Hose corrugated from the inside and with a pronounced relief on the inside, for optimal carding.
3) Diameter allowing inflation of the fiber without being limited by the interior volume.
4) High speed of the fiber in the pipe (blower power).
Note: KRENDL FRANCE has developed a double or triple acceleration hose for optimal carding.

– Good condition of the rubber BLADES which ensure tightness and therefore guarantee the correct pressure in the pipe. If the machine is pushing a lot of dust through the hopper and your consumption increases, it is a symptom that the blades need to be changed.
– Interior cleaning and BLOWING, as well as the air FILTER are essential in order not to damage or destroy the engines.
– Monthly lubrication and checking of the CHAIN ​​tension.
– Generators. Two aspects are essential for the optimal functioning of Krendl machines on a generator: the minimum POWER of 7500W in single phase and the “A.V.R.” or voltage regulation system.